Czech republic

Petra Fürstova

Adress: Fibichova 773, Revnice 252 30 (20km from Prague)

phone: +420 774 255 777


KENNEL "z Gargamellu"

We started our kennel in 2002. We started with show line GSD and now we breed only working line GSD.  
  We are breeding high quality German Shepherds dogs for sport, top sport, dogs for protection your family and police dogs. 

We pride ourselves in raising sound, stable, well-socialized, and beautiful puppies with high intelligence and high drive, who are in excellent physical health. 
We prefer healthy dogs (special with results of back, not only elbows and hips!) genetic full bite and dueling with the helper. On obedience excellent contact and willigness to work in every time.
We also require excellent social and stability on a variety of surface to choose the dog for mated with my females.  Of course we know that nobody is perfect.
Our puppies are socialized with people and other dogs.
They are going to new homes de-wormed, vaccinated, chiped, with our puppy sale contract and puppy food.
We like to find good loving homes for our puppies and we don't sale to everyone!
We care for our puppies for life and offer unlimited advice and counsel to their adoptive families.
Our puppies are finding new homes not only in Czech Republic, but more in different countries all around the world!

The price depends on the quality of every single puppy + shipping.
Contract of purchase is obvious!
You can see all available puppies on our web site. We can send you more pictures and videos of the puppy you choose.
You can find all informations about parents – their pictures, videos and pedigrees on our web site.

All our puppies have FCI pedigree, International certificate of vaccination. Our exported puppies have of course FCI Export pedigree (2-3 months later after 8 weeks old).
We give you all required informations about your puppy, about feeding, care and so on if you are really interested person about one of them.
For air transport, the full price of the puppy including transport charges should be transmitted beforehand.
After the birth of the puppies I require from buyers a deposit. When a puppy dies or have other problem, the possibility choice another puppy or the deposit return of a backup. Upon withdrawal from purchase, the deposit is non- refundable. 
GUARANTEE: 30% of the refunded purchase: worse result than "noch zugelassen" (elbows and hips), bad bite or missing tooth what eliminated puppy from the breeding. 
On some litters guarantee for DM (N/N or N/DM) or LÜW (not worse than 2 and 3)!

You can reserve your puppy on email: